MyJoint - The Biologic Joint Replacement Project

Project Members

Partner 1 – Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany
Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Joerg Wiltfang, Head of Department
Prof. Dr. Dr. Patrick Warnke, Coordinator MyJoint

PD Dr. Dr. Ingo Springer
Dr. Dr. Stephan Becker
Dr. Eleonore Behrens
Dr. Timothy Douglas
Dr. Joerg Heine
Dr. Bjoern Moeller
Dr. Tobias Nitsche
Dr. Frank Seefeld
Dr. Oliver Zernial
PD Dr. Dr. Corinna Zimmermann

MTA Carolin Lorenzen
MTA Gisela Otto
MTA Gabi Neßenius

Dept. of Prosthodontics, Propaedeutics and Dental Materials
Prof. Dr. Matthias Kern, Head of Department
PD Dr. Stefan Wolfart

Div. of Stem Cell Therapy and Immuntherapy
Prof. Dr. Martin Gramatzki, Head of Division
PD Dr. Andreas Humpe
PD Dr. Roland Repp

Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology
Prof. Dr. Martin Heller, Head of Department
Dr. Hendrik Bolte

Inst. of Physiology and Biochemistry of Nutrition, Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food-Location Kiel
Prof. Juergen Schrezenmeir, Head of Institute
Dr. KE Scholz-Ahrens

Partner 5 – Planton GmbH, Kiel, Germany
PD Dr. Michael Kleine

Oswestry - University of Keele 
James Richardson
Jan H Kuiper
Eustace Johnson
Janet Morris

MTT Tooling, Stone
Simon Scott
Chris Sutcliffe

Oxford University
Physiology Laboratory
Jill Urban 
Tromsoe University Hospital
Department of Orthopaedics
Johansen Oddmund
Inigo Martinez

School of Mechanical Engineering, Delft
Justus Herder

National Science Research Centre, Demokritos, Athens 
Dimitris Kletsas



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Project Partners